About Us


BMD Flooring proudly emerges as your trusted flooring partner in Hawaii, establishing a prominent presence in the flooring industry since 2003. Our expertise extends to large-scale residential and commercial projects, encompassing the enchanting islands of Hawaii. Throughout our journey, we have consistently embodied excellence, demonstrating proficiency in flooring installation, surface preparation, and material supply.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship has been the foundation of our nearly two-decade-long journey. As your reliable flooring partner, we bring a wealth of expertise to each project, seamlessly blending precision and style to redefine spaces. At BMD Flooring, we go beyond delivering mere flooring solutions; we curate experiences that harmonize with your vision. Our goal is to transform spaces into enduring reflections of your unique style, solidifying our position as your trusted flooring partner in Hawaii.

BMD Flooring Team Members Installation
Why Choose BMD Flooring

Established in 2003, we take pride in being a union flooring company with over 20 years of industry expertise. Having completed over 10,000 installations across commercial, residential, government, and retail sectors, our seasoned local team is experienced, reliable, and ready to tackle diverse projects.

  • A Union Company
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Experienced and Reliable Local Team
  • Serving All Major Islands of Hawaii
  • Over 25,000 square feet of Warehouse Space
  • Large In-Stock Selection of Flooring
  • Highly Competitive Pricing Due to Bulk Ordering
  • Local Inventory Alleviates Supply Chain Issues